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PE fiberoptics

PE.fiberoptics is a leading industry specialist offering a wide range of test equipment for fiber optic networks.

Our measurement specialties include chromatic dispersion, polarisation mode dispersion (PMD), spectral attenuation, mode field diameter (MFD), cut off wavelength, effective area, optical power monitoring, fiber length, strain and curl. All measurements are traceable to international standards and meet TIA and IEC standards.

Superior technology, design and manufacture ensure that our innovative products will help to resolve fiber characterization and network problems quickly and efficiently. Recognized for our award winning products, our aim is to provide our customers with equipment that will respond to and resolve the day to day challenges in both optical network applications and quality assurance laboratories.

PE.fiberoptics is fully committed to quality and reliability of our products and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2000.