CT-08 Fiber Cleaver

Suitable for FTTX and other single fiber cleaving applications, the CT08 is a very robust cleaver. It is designed for easy replacement of the fiber clamps and cleaver blade in the field, reducing maintenance cost and time.

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User Friendly

1. Easy Maintenance

The CT08 fiber cleaver has a user replaceable blade and rubber clamps, so there’s no need to send the device to a service center for blade or clamp replacement.


User replaceable rubber clamps

User replaceable cleaver blade

2. EASY ACCESS & Longer Stripped Fibers

The CT08 lid opens 100 degrees. Therefore, It is easier to see to place the fiber or fiber holder correctly, and to clean the rubber clamps and cleaver blade for maintenance.

100 degree

Enough space for operations

3. Single Action Operation

The CT08 cleaves with a single press action.

Place fiber



4. Easier Blade Position change

The CT08 blade position is changed by rotating the bottom dial. It is not necessary to use tools for changing the blade position.

          Blade position Number

Blade rotating dial