FSR-05/06/07 Fiber Recoater

The FSR-05, FSR-06 and FSR-07 provide automatic operation with various sizes of quartz molds available. Colored and non-colored fibers can be recoated. This new recoater series introduces easily exchangeable molds, resin bottle and pump assemblies. The new bubble removal system eliminates bubbles before they reach the mold cavity. A programmable resin injection system provides an exact volume of resin to the mold cavity to ensure consistent recoat performance.

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Quick Curing Time

The FSR-05 series illuminates with LEDs in both upper and lower directions to achieve very quick curing times..

Modelo Previo

FSR Series

Tiempo Curado

Applicable for Color Coated Fiber

The FSR-05 series can recoat both colored and non-colored fibers consistently.

Colored jacket

Non-colored jacket

Replaceable Mold, Resin and Pump

The FSR mold can be changed according to the desired recoating diameter.
Simple mold, resin, and pump exchanges by the end user eliminate the need for factory intervention.

Replaceable mold to change recoated diameter

Replaceable resin bottle to refill resin

Minimizing Bubble Problem

The bubble separator minimizes bubble problems in the final recoat.


Model FSR-05 FSR-06 FSR-07
Mold diameter(μm) 195/255/280/450/670/1000
Recoating length Max.50mm
Proof -tester ✔( to 20N) ✔( to 100N)
Proof Clamping Method Flat Clamp Mandrel clamp


Standard package
Item Model FSR-05 FSR-06 FSR-07
Main Body FSR-05 1pc
FSR-06 1pc
FSR-07 1pc
Mold FSR-05-MOLD-xxx Select 1 size from table on this page.
AC Adapter ADC-19A 1pc
AC Power Cord ACC-xx 08 : Japan, 09 : USA,
10 : UK, 11 : EU,12: Australia
USB Cable USB-01 1pc
Instruction Manual M-FSR05 1pc
Recoating Report 1pc
Warning and Cautions W-FSR05-E 1pc
Fiber Protect Cover PC-02 1pc
PC-03 1pc
Tube Set FSR-05-TUBE 01 1pc
Quick Reference Guide(Pump) QP-FSR05-E 1pc
Item Model
MOLD for 280µm FSR-05-MOLD-280
MOLD for 195µm FSR-05-MOLD-195
MOLD for 255µm FSR-05-MOLD-255
MOLD for 320µm FSR-05-MOLD-320
MOLD for 450µm FSR-05-MOLD-450
MOLD for 670µm FSR-05-MOLD-670
MOLD for 1000µm FSR-05-MOLD-1000
UV Resin Bottle FSR-05-BTL-01
Spare Pump for Quickly Changing
UV Resin Type
Force Gauge Adaptor
(For FSR-06 / FSR-07)
Force Gauge
(For FSR-06 / FSR-07)