CT114/115/116 Large Diameter Fiber Cleaver

When exceptional cleave quality is required for fibers up to 1,250 μm, the new large diameter CT114/CT115/CT116 cleaver series provides a variety of options depending on your needs. The color LCD shows Cleaving progress and recommended insert size depending on fiber coating and cladding diameter. Saving and storing cleaving programs to a PC or tablet is accomplished using a USB port. The LDF cleaver’s extensive programming features allow for optimal results.

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Product Variation

Product Variation

Model CT114 CT115 CT116
Cladding diameter 80 to 600μm 80 to 1250μm
Cleave length  5 to 40mm
Angle cleaving
Fiber holder Fiber holder adapter
FH-100, FH110



Auto Backstop (for CT115/CT116)

The Backstop helps to provides better cleave quality especially for large-diameter fibers and for sub-critical tension fibers.
Micron order positioning is necessary to obtain stable cleaving. The previous model positioned the micrometer by hand, usually with the aid of a microscope.
The CT115 and CT116 are equipped with the auto backstop function. It detects the backstop position and moves to the correct position automatically.
It provides both stable cleaving and shortenes the cleaving operation time.

Blade Management

The automatic cleaving blade position always keep using good quality blade and it provides stable cleaving quality.
Since you do not need to worry about blade condition anymore.

Wireless communication function

CT115 series is equipped with an RFID wireless communication function to newly designed FH110 series fiber holders.
The FH110 RFID includes the holder size information. The CT115 series reads it and selects a pre-assigned program.
It prevents selecting the wrong cleaving program.

Insert Option Guide

Inserts are selected according to fiber coating diameter and cladding diameter.
Therefore, the standard configuration does not include inserts. Please refer to the below table and purchase inserts separately.

*1: Each side of this insert is equipped with a groove that is marked with the size of the fiber diameter on the table.

Case 1: To cleave stripped fiber

                          According to coating diameter

         According to cladding diameter

→Both 1 pair of inserts, according to coating and cladding diameter, are necessary.

Case2: To cleave glass rod

                           According to cladding diamete

        According to cladding diameter

→2 pairs of inserts, according to cladding diameter, are necessary.

Right QR shows the detail how to select insert.


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