Longitudinal Coaxial Cable Jacket Stripper

Length ( Stripper):200mm
Net Weight:418g
Packd Weight:684g
Material:Kirsite/elastic steel

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1. According to optic cable type or cable diameter, user can select stripping tool NO.2φ12-25mm.
2. To withstand and tighten after optic cable or cable have woven to MaHua pattern by one end of steel rope in the tool box, and the other end of steel rope is hung at the hook on engineering vehicle or pole(diagram 1).
3. User should regulate cutter length according to the thickness of cable or cable.Two cutters of too can be regulated simultaneously, longer clockwise and shorter counter clockwise. The cutter length varies in 0.25mm when turning one step forward or backward.
4. The thickness of optic cable or cable stripped vertically is defined by its need. When optic cable or cable is put into well-regulated tool, close main body, grasp tool bar tightly with two hands and pull out the end of optic cable or cable forcefully. The optic cable or cable is stripped vertically.
5. The optic cable or cable in diameter φ17mm is hard.If it can not be stripped at first, it is completed to turn the cool at the other direction strip once more.


1. Perfect tool for cutting jackets from a variety of fiber optic cable
2. V-opening in balde
3. Adjustable blades with a screwdriver for various size cables
4. Economical tool for multiple cables
5. Works with standard 30-10 AWG (0.05-6mm2) wire in addition to fiber optic cable