Protection Sleeves

The FSR-05, FSR-06 and FSR-07 provide automatic operation with various sizes of quartz molds available. Colored and non-colored fibers can be recoated. This new recoater series introduces easily exchangeable molds, resin bottle and pump assemblies. The new bubble removal system eliminates bubbles before they reach the mold cavity. A programmable resin injection system provides an exact volume of resin to the mold cavity to ensure consistent recoat performance.

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Product Variation

Model Sleeve length Strength member
after shrink
Fiber count Recommended
cleave length
Coating diameter
 FP-03 60mm 60mm 3.1mm Single 16mm 0.25mm to 0.9mm
 FP-03(L=40) 40mm 40mm 3.1mm Single 10mm 0.25mm to 0.9mm
 FP-04(T) 40mm 40mm 4.0mm 1 to 8 10mm 0.25mm (thickness)
 FP-05 40mm 40mm 4.5mm x 4.0mm 1 to 12 10mm 0.25mm (thickness)
 FPS04-30 30mm 30mm 2.4mm 1 to 4 10mm 0.25mm (thickness)
 FPS08-28 28mm 28mm 3.3mm x 2.7mm 1 to 8 10mm 0.25mm (thickness)
 FPS24-40 40mm 40mm 8.0mm x 4.0mm 1 to 24 10mm 0.25mm (thickness)
 FPS01-400-12 12mm 13mm 1.5mm Single 4mm up to 0.4mm
 FPS01-400-15 15mm 16mm 1.5mm Single 5mm up to 0.4mm
 FPS01-400-20 20mm 21mm 1.5mm Single 8mm up to 0.4mm
 FPS01-400-25 25mm 26mm 1.5mm Single 10mm up to 0.4mm
 FPS01-400-34 34mm 35mm 1.5mm Single 15mm up to 0.4mm
 FPS01-400-40 40mm 41mm 1.5mm Single 16mm up to 0.4mm
 FPS01-900-15 15mm 16mm 2.3mm Single 4mm up to 0.9mm
 FPS01-900-20 20mm 21mm 2.3mm Single 6mm up to 0.9mm
 FPS01-900-25 25mm 26mm 2.3mm Single 6mm up to 0.9mm
 FPS01-900-34 34mm 35mm 2.3mm Single 13mm up to 0.9mm
 FPS01-900-45 45mm 46mm 2.3mm Single 16mm up to 0.9mm