CT-52/58 Fiber Cleaver

The CT52 also allows for a reduced cleave length of 8 mm on 900 μm jacketed fibers and as short as 3 mm on 250 μm and 400 μm coated fibers.

The CT58 cleaver is designed for cleaving silica fibers with 80 μm cladding.

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Active Blade Management Technology

1. Automatic Blade Rotation

The fusion splicer and CT52/58 fiber cleaver have wireless data connectivity. This capability allows automatic cleaver blade rotation when the splicer judges the blade is worn.

Motorized blade

2. Blade Life Management

The fusion splicer indicates the remaining blade life and also informs the user when a blade height change is required.

User Friendly

1. Easy Maintenance

The CT52/58 fiber cleaver has a user replaceable blade and rubber clamps, so there’s no need to send the device to a service center for blade or clamp replacement.

User replaceable rubber clamps

User replaceable cleaver blade

2. EASY ACCESS & Longer Stripped Fibers

The CT52/58 li opens 100 degrees to offer easy access and can accommodate longer stripped fibers than previous models

3. Single Action Operation

The CT52/58 cleaves and collects the fiber scrap with a single press action.

Place fiber



Item Specifications
CT52 CT58
Applicable fiber Fiber type Single mode optical fiber
Multi mode optical fiber
Fiber count Single fiber Single fiber
Cladding dia. Approx. 125μm Approx. 80μm
Applicable coating Fiber setting plate AD-10-M24 : Max. 900µm coating diameter

AD-50 : Max. 3mm coating diameter

Fiber setting plate is not applicable.
Fiber holder Coating shape. : Refer to splicer options
Cleave length Fiber holder Approx. 8 to 10mm, Standard 9mm
Cleave angle *1 Single fiber Avg. 0.3 to 0.9 degrees
Blade life *2 Approx. 60000 fiber cleaves
Physical description Dimensions W Approx. 119mm without projection *3 Approx. 78mm without projection *3
Dimensions D Approx. 94mm without projection *3 Approx. 94mm without projection *3
Dimensions H Approx. 59mm without projection *3 Approx. 59mm without projection *3
Weight Approx. 306g

including battery and AD-10-M24

Approx. 259g

including battery and AD-10-M24

Environmental condition Temperature Operate : 0 to 50 degreeC Operate : -10 to 50 degreeC
Storage : -40 to 80 degreeC
Humidity Operate : 0 to 95%RH non-condensing
Storage : 0 to 95%RH non-condensing
Battery 2 pieces of LR03, AAA dry battery
Wireless interface *4 Bluetooth 4.1 LE
Screw hole for tripod 1/4-20UNC
Other features Blade rotation Motorized rotation
Manual rotation dial
Replaceable parts Blade
Clamp arm

*1:Measured with an interferometer at room temperature, not with a splicer. A new blade was used to cleave the single fibers. The average cleave angle changes depending on the environmental conditions, blade condition, operating method, and cleanliness.
*2:The blade life changes depending on the environmental conditions, operating method, and the fiber type cleaved.
*3:Measured in a condition when closing the lever.
*4:Bluetooth® mark and logos are the registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Standard package
Item Model Qty
Optical Fiber Cleaver CT52 or CT58 1pc
Fiber Scrap Collector FDB-05 1pc
Spacer SPA-CT08-09
Case CC-37 1pc
Hexagonal Wrench HEX-01 1pc
Instruction Manual M-CT52-E M-CT58-E 1pc
Item Model Remark
CT52 CT58
Fiber Setting Plate AD-10-M24
Optional fiber setting plate
Blade CB-08 Blade for replacement
Clamp Arm ARM-CT52-01 ARM-CT58-01 Clamp arm with anvil for replacement
Fiber Scrap Collector FDB-05 Spare scrap collector
Side cover SC-CT50-01 Side cover instead of scrap collector
Spacer SPA-CT08-10 Cleave length 10mm
SPA-CT08-09 Cleave length 9mm
SPA-CT08-08 Cleave length 8mm


Product Variation

Model CT52 CT58
Cladding diameter 125μm 80μm
Cleave Length with FH-100 3 to 10mm
(Default 9mm)
3 to 10mm
(Default 9mm)