USC-03 Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Fujikura USC-03 Ultrasonic Cleaner provides a simple and cost-effective method for cleaning optical fibers with acoustically vibrated alcohol when high reliability fusion splices are required. This ultrasonic cleaner readily accepts all FH-70-XXX, and FH-100-XXX series fiber holders. The Universal Fiber Holder Adapter, available as an optional accessory, enables the use of FH-XXX series fiber holders.

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Standard package
 Item  Model Qty
Ultra Sonic Cleaver USC-03 1pc
Lid LID-02 1pc
AC Adaptor ADC-10 1pc
AC Power Cord ACC-xx
08: Japan,
09: USA, 10: UK,
11: EU, 12: Australia
Instruction Manual M-USC03-E 1pc