OTDR Fiber Cable Launch Box

  • High performance Launch Fiber Cable (Launch Leads) with anti-corrosion box.
  • SC/FC/LC connectors are selectable as well as the UPC and APC polishing mode.
  • Designed to aid in the testing of fiber optic cable when using an OTDR.
  • The OTDR Launch Fiber box is used with Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR’s) to help minimize the effects of the OTDR’s launch pulse on measurement uncertainty.
  • Available in many different configurations and fiber lengths.
  • Composed with high density anti-corrosion material outer box, highly enhance the environment suitability and durability.
  • This product is definitely your good partner in Fiber Optic Testing Projects.
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  1. Compact and ruggedized, easy to carry
  2. Excellent waterproof and dustproof performance
  3. Auto Purge Valve for changes in altitude and temperature
  4. Non-metal construction will not corrode or conduce electricity



  1. Training and calibration
  2. Installation and testing by OTDR


Dimension 23.8(L) x 14.1(W) x 6.7(H)cm
Fiber Type G.657A/G.652D/OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4

(Corning Fiber and NON-Corning Fiber optional)

Typical Loss <0.5dB @ 1310nm for 1,000 meters
Connector Type FC/SC/LC selectable
Polishing Type APC/UPC selectable
Box Material SR Polypropylene
Color Yellow
Weight 0.75kg / 0.35kg (without fiber)
Operating Temperature -40~+55°C
Cable Length From 0.5-2.0km