Bare Fiber Reel, Single Mode, G.652D/G.657A

Bare fiber reel for optical testing. 

Good macrobending performance in the industry while maintaining compatibility with current optical fibers, equipment, practices and procedures.

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  • Full-spectrum single mode fiber
  • Small macrobending radius, comply with G.657A or G.652D standard
  • Small attenuation value
  • Suitable for any optical testing environment


Physical parameters  
Fiber Type Single mode
Diameter of Coated Fiber 250um
Diameter of Bare Fiber 125um
Min Macrobending Radus  33mm(G.652D) / 15mm(G.657A)
Typical attenuation value  
1310nm working wavelength 0.33~0.35 dB/km
1490nm working wavelength 0.21~0.24dB/km
1550nm working wavelength 0.19~0.20dB/km
1625nm working wavelength 0.21~0.23dB/km